Inside the Walls:

To support agents, players and management as the global leader of news-worthy content through centralized production and a grass root team of Eyes - the next generation of content creators and providers.



Outside the Walls:

Leverage a programmed network that elevates celebrities' and their sponsors' existing social media distribution networks audiences. We project this will generate passive income through a long term annuity beginning 90-120 days.


“Imagine champions and legends of sports and entertainment icons leveraging the influence of their social media followers” stated Tony Loiacono, adding,  “By programming each star's channel, their followers get a inside look of their favorites shows from the libraries of Disney, ESPN,  Sony and Snapchat; including, the hottest movies and music; and, shorts created by Under Armour EYES, the NexGen ‘Content Creators’ producing show segments, live pods, requests by influencers, favorite foods and recipes. 


Heads and Tails, Inc.

Heads & Tails of Bonsall, California has established itself as a marketing and media company since 1992. The company is focused on immediate revenue for its’ patent pending syndicated streaming and sensor solutions.  The Company’s solutions were born out of its’ work with Verizon, Vodafone and Cisco during the past 8 years. The proof-of concept (POC) began May 1, 2017 and included the execution of over 35 live high-profile streamed events. The events were executed with the NBA, Professional Baseball and the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. The POC proved its’ network quality multi-camera production and sync, off-site TV studio capabilities and overcame last mile of data transport problems.

No TV Production Trucks, No Satellite Trucks and No Wires are needed anymore to produce a multi-camera remotely produced #LIVE show from a full-service TV studio 2,000 miles away. We overcame the multi-camera encoding and sync obstacles of Go Pro & Livestream. We eliminated the TV truck, removed the wires, satellite delivery of video and leveraged the cloud and activated a professional television production studios.


The Company’s tactical plan for growth

The company’s proven technologies immediately leverage the increased wireless bandwidth, the advantages of open architecture and the next generation of encoding and miniature camera solutions. These advantages allow it to deliver the quality of service mandated by Fortune 500 companies, leagues, venues and artists and, a cost effective multi-camera viewing experience typically only provided by the TV networks and movie studios. 

        • Stay ahead of the technology curve (encoding, quality of service, software/hardware)

        • Dramatically increase “Audience” participation in #LIVE events, Fan and Citizen News.

        • Implement managed service agreements with leagues, venues and brands

        • Cultivate a like-minded staff and a strong high-profile advisor group

        • Activate media relationships and important credentials with high-profile events

Importantly, the company brings its’ power of VIP and celebrity relationships, years of network television production, an advertising agency’s service mentality and an outlandishly cost effective patent pending solution. The future, the next generation of live content creators.